Our company has been manufacturing quality standard and custom design high pressure cleaning systems since 1982, over 30 years. Since our beginnings we have stayed true to our structure and values by building top quality equipment. We are proud to provide to each customer, that will maximize their use of their pressure wash system for now and the future that when they need to replace the machine or purchase additional machines they will use our equipment.

We understand business and the effects of the right equipment that can improve business operation and profitability. The effects of how the right pressure wash system and installation can give a customer efficient use of fuel, time and chemical resources. Thus we understand what it takes to perform from the sale of the equipment to ensure the machine is matched to meet the customer’s needs, design or the equipment to withstand the customer’s usage, parts, and service back up that keeps customers.

QuakerBlast hot and cold water high pressure cleaning equipment had undergone rigorous engineering and redesign and testing of each model to ensure greater usability, efficiency, dependability, and serviceability is built into each unit. QuakerBlast machines are sold strictly through a stocking dealer distributor network. Should you be interested in a dealership we do have openings and would be pleased to have the opportunity to discuss the possibilities with you.


We are the factory. We offer phone service support, and we are just a phone call away should a service issue arise. If parts are required, we guarantee to ship parts out the same day they are ordered.